Medical Insurance Advice

There are many provider companies with different medical insurance policies. If you are having any problems related to your insurance, please discuss them with my Secretary, Mrs Lindsay McLeod. Please note that most insurers require to be notified of a forthcoming private referral and they will then issue a pre-authorization case number.

Secretarial Information

My Secretary is Lindsay McLeod. She is expert at most issues concerning Private Health Insurance Policies. Please contact her for helpful hints on getting the best out of your insurance policy, for appointments, or likely costs of investigation and treatment. The office phone number is: +44-1-202-709977.

There is automatic fax on this number, and an answerphone outside office hours. The office is usually open from 9am to 1pm. Consultations are normally available on Monday and Thursday mornings, and can be arranged in the evenings or at other times as required